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Next Gen platform VIRPP is taking over the music industry

Global Music Distribution Service

AI and special algorithms that discover new talents, connects them with labels or lets them distribute their own music through the Next Gen software of VIRPP.

Amsterdam, 15-03-2023 – VIRPP started as a software solution to filter music into an algorithm that can determine production quality, moods, genres and copyrights for companies in the music industry. After major labels successfully used the software, it grew into a true community that consists of a global audience of record labels, producers, fans and fellow artists. Today, this community is the driving force of the platform. Members of the community are able to do targeted searches for artists, filter music and determine what music can be released. This gives them the voice that they deserve.

The distribution function

Through continuous innovation, new features are regularly added to the platform to optimize the use for both artist, label and fan. The newest innovative addition to the platform is the distribution function that lets artists release their own tracks. What differentiates this distribution from others, is that their advanced software is  gatekeeping the quality of the tracks. The hybrid workflow ensures that quality music is being discovered, while the community can rank each track provided by the algorithm.

The newly launched function offers independent musicians the opportunity to control the release of their music across various streaming platforms and digital stores, enabling them to retain 100% ownership of their work. With access to detailed platform statistics, artists can track their performance and make informed decisions about their future work. Additionally, this distribution platform provides a space for artists to connect with top labels and other artists, potentially increasing exposure and opportunities for collaboration. With the ability to release music to all major online stores and streaming platforms, musicians have a greater chance of making money from their music.

Music distribution solution

The future

As the music industry continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly clear that artificial intelligence will play an important role in shaping its future. VIRPP has shown that they were ahead of its time by using AI, and it has shown that new talents were discovered. They have launched a distribution function that provides musicians with the tools to manage everything transparently using community and new technology. This empowers musicians to handle their own services independently and take control of their career.

The angel investment of DGI-ventures and Navus Ventures the extension of the platform and lets it expand to various parts of the world. The software boasts unlimited possibilities within its own framework, and with these investments, it has the potential to grow even faster and better. Now, VIRPP is actually organizing their second wave of receiving angel investments in 2023 of 2 million. Many companies are interested, so it’s interesting to hold a close eye on that. Will this technology be the key to unlocking new forms of musical expression? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: VIRPP’s Next Gen AI platform is a development that is worth watching closely.

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