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LAMAS from Brazil Discovered by Nicky Romero

Discovered by Nicky Romero ; About LAMAS

Meet Raphael. Also known as LAMAS. Is lately Discovered on VIRPP By Nicky Romero. He’s been a DJ for over 10 years and was keen on making it in the music industry. In the past 10 years, he had the opportunity to perform at several clubs and important events in his hometown: Juiz de Fora, Brasil. He is a producer that made the decision to not be labeled to a certain sound or specific genre. He always brings melodic compositions in his music that are derived from the house or techno scene. In every tune that he makes, he puts in the sounds that he feels at that moment.  He started when the pandemic started and he wanted to do more with the business. It gave him good vibes. his interest in music was always present, so he decided to make sure that he’ll blow up.

The Creative proces to release music on top labels:

We asked LAMAS how he starts his creative process in order to produce a tune that is Discovered by Nicky Romero (Protocol Recordings). LAMAS replied:

 “My creative process, most of the time, comes after listening to a lot of music. Ideas come to me from existing tracks and from the most varied artists and styles. From there, I open the DAW and start composing something. I really like to start with the melody, create melodic ideas and from them to extend everything, then I add the kick, I compose an initial idea of the bass line and then it’s time to test what works and what doesn’t haha”

When LAMAS perfected his craft, he came in touch with VIRPP throughout Instagram. He was curious, visited the website and saw an interesting wide range of having the opportunity to get his demo heard by major labels. So then he asked himself: Why do i not join VIRPP? And so he did.

How was LAMAS Discovered By Nicky Romero?

LAMAS then went on our platform and admired certain big names in the world that are active in the electronic scene. One of his big admirations is Nicky Romero. He had a big appreciation for Nicky. He went on producing new tracks and one of his songs: “Your Eyes” was being picked up by the community and also Nicky Romero! Nicky Romero invited him over to collaborate since he was starstruck over the skills of LAMAS. This was the breakthrough LAMAS needed and made him grow faster than he could’ve imagined. By collaborating with Nicky Romero & Jorik, he learned much more, quicker and started to gain more followers. Until this day, LAMAS is now one of the most promising producers of this time.

To reach this in your career, LAMAS told us a very inspiring quote which he lives by on a daily. And to be fair, it is true! This is a perspective of a true VIRPPER and that is what you should create for yourself as well. LAMAS told us the following: 

“We produce music for the world, so don’t hesitate to show your art to people who can change your game. VIRPP opened the doors for me to do this, and today I know that it’s only up to me to build my future! Somewhere on the planet there’s someone waiting to hear your music, that’s gratifying!”

LAMAS his succes experience with VIRPP

Due to his success, we asked LAMAS what his experience is with VIRPP. He replied:

“It’s been excellent, speaking in particular of “Your Eyes” everything was super simple, from loading the demo, being heard via Protocol and accepting the label’s signature.

The differential is unique: allowing all of us to be discovered by large and respected record labels, in addition to having the opportunity to hear great hidden talents around the world!”

LAMAS update about releasing Music 

We’ve asked LAMAS if he had any plans regarding releasing new projects. We know that he is working really hard on a daily basis, so we were even more curious to know if he has new bangers on the way. Therefore we asked LAMAS if he has any upcoming releases or projects that we can expect anytime soon. LAMAS replied the following: 

Sure! I have some tracks finished and being played at my shows, I hope very soon to be releasing them all for you all!

Some collaborations that I consider important for my career, with big names from Brazil, as well as some official remixes for established artists!

In the right time they will all be available, I can’t wait for it!”

We can’t wait either! If you want to follow LAMAS, you can check him out on all platforms. If you want to know more about other artists their journey, make sure to read all of our other success stories of our Spotlight blogs.

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. The stage is set, the audience is waiting, and your stardom is just a click away.

Virpp is an intuitive platform full of people looking to get inspired by others. It's super modern. Best of all is that the labels are actively listening. 10/10 platform

Jameson AndrewsArtist

To this day I get lost watching Nicky and Jorik's heartfelt reaction to the submitted demo! VIRPP opened the doors for me, and today I know that it's only up to me to build my future!

LamasGot discovered by Nicky Romero

VIRPP is a king-maker in the making. With strong connections to the scene, amazingly talented user base, and direct relationship with the best labels, this is only the beginning!

DJ XquizitDJ/Producer