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VIRPP & CTM Publishing: Redefining Music Opportunities

Embrace the moment, for we at VIRPP are delighted to introduce our collaboration with CTM Publishing. Immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s vibrant music scene and present your tracks directly to industry stalwarts. Dive deeper by exploring the history and evolution of CTM Publishing

CTM Publishing: Music’s Electrifying Vanguard 

TM, globally recognized, is the haven for artists who redefine music. Yellow Claw, Chris Lake, FISHER, and Julian Jordan make CTM Publishing’s lineup awe-inspiring. 

Experience Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 with VIRPP & CTM 

When Amsterdam turns into the epicenter of the music universe during ADE, it brings more than beats – it brings connections, opportunities, and groundbreaking moments. Read more about the significance of Amsterdam Dance Event and why it’s a pinnacle for electronic music enthusiasts. 

Send Your Music to CTM: Your Golden Ticket to ADE 2023

Partnering with CTM Publishing, VIRPP offers musicians a unique platform: submit your demo and potentially secure a golden rendezvous at ADE 2023. Want to know how? Send your music to CTM via VIRPP now! 

Send Your Music to CTM

Charting Your Music Odyssey

The rhythm of Amsterdam beckons. Dispatch your musical notes to CTM through VIRPP, and you might find yourself amidst a medley of industry leaders and vibrant vibes. Ready to network? Connect with industry professionals on VIRPP

Final Notes

Opportunity is playing its tune. Echo your music, synchronize with CTM, and let VIRPP navigate you to a musical chapter that may just be the hallmark of your career. For insights on maximizing your opportunities, check out these key strategies for independent artists

Friendly Asked Questions

How can I send my music to CTM via VIRPP?

Easy! Create your artist profile on VIRPP.com, upload your best demo, and your music could catch the attention of CTM Publishing. 

What’s the main highlight of the VIRPP & CTM collaboration? 

A chance to win an exclusive meetup with CTM Publishing during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. 

Who are some notable artists under CTM Publishing? 

Some of the stellar names include Yellow Claw, Chris Lake, FISHER, and Julian Jordan, to name a few. 

Where’s the venue for the exclusive CTM meetup? 

It will be held at IJDok 6, 1013 MM – Amsterdam, Netherlands during ADE 2023. 

Is there a limit on the number of demos I can send to CTM through VIRPP? 

While you can send multiple demos, it’s crucial each one represents your absolute best to make an impression. 

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. The stage is set, the audience is waiting, and your stardom is just a click away.

Virpp is an intuitive platform full of people looking to get inspired by others. It's super modern. Best of all is that the labels are actively listening. 10/10 platform

Jameson AndrewsArtist

To this day I get lost watching Nicky and Jorik's heartfelt reaction to the submitted demo! VIRPP opened the doors for me, and today I know that it's only up to me to build my future!

LamasGot discovered by Nicky Romero

VIRPP is a king-maker in the making. With strong connections to the scene, amazingly talented user base, and direct relationship with the best labels, this is only the beginning!

DJ XquizitDJ/Producer