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What happens when you get released by a record label?

What happens when you get released by a label?

Music producer that get released by a Record label.

Record labels play a huge role in ensuring that artists who are signed under their label have their music reach the right type of audience in a short time. They are also in charge of all marketing and promotion activities; they set budgets, promote the artists on different platforms and take charge of the distribution.

However, the one way which can get artists signed to a record label is through the VIRPP platform, which is designed to help artists build their fan base, gain insight into statistics, keep their fans engaged at all times and meet the right record label for them.

When you get signed by a record label as an artist and get your track released – the label goes ahead and takes charge of all marketing activities. Apart from music publishing, records labels also play the following rolls when your music gets released by them.

Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Deezer and more…

  • Publish and promote your music: When you get signed by a record label and have your track released the record label will publish your track on Spotify, iTunes, Apple music and all other major streaming platforms. Most record labels have different ways of promoting your music. Some of them even create artwork covers, banners for social media and they make sure that your song gain exposure just within a short period of time.
  • Set up advertising campaigns on social media platforms: Record labels also set up advertising campaigns on various social media platforms, TV and radio and even create content that can cause enough online traffic to your music. After the promotion, the record label takes time to analyse the number of plays on each track and delivers statistics about your release.

Why record labels use VIRPP?

Every record label has an A&R manager who is in charge of artists and talent recruitment.  Usually, the A & R manager decides which track gets released. They use the VIRPP platform to let the public rate the track and see if the public likes it. This is because the VIRPP platform allows the artists to track the activity of their track to see how popular it is – even the listener has the right to leave a comment and let the artists know what they feel about the music. Through the platform – the record label can understand what the public thinks about the track and areas to improve on in the future.

VIRPP Label dashboard

Finally, VIRPP is the way to get to a record label. Once signed by the label and having your track released, the record label also tracks engagement in order to discover new areas of improvement.

It’s time to sign up now: https://beta.virpp.com/register

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