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“REVLIN” wins studio session with John Christian

By October 28, 2020No Comments

Revlin was one of the first winners of the exclusive VIRPP contests. He was invited by a producer and DJ John Christian to visit his studio, so they could master and mix the winning track Never B Like This.

John Christian is a well-known name in the EDM-world. His music was released by leading labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Hexagon and Armind. He’s worked with big names like Dimitri Vegas, Nicky Romero and Hardwell. With his track record, the DJ and producer is the perfect choice to help the new VIRPP-talent. A job that he describes as ‘rewarding and fun’. The collaboration with Revlin was a great success. “From the first moment Revlin entered the studio, you could notice how excited he was. It was like every piece of information was instantly absorbed. I know for sure, that after that session, Revlin looks differently at the process of mixing and mastering. And that is why I do these kinds of things. The foundation for everything I have accomplished, was laid by professionals who opened their doors and gave me advice when I started. This collaboration has also worked both ways. Revlin’s got a professionally mixed track which he can take further, and I could give something back to the community. A win-win situation.”

Revlin’s worked on his music for years but never expected to go pro. He’s learned about VIRPP through John Christian and SWAQ’s Instagram posts.  “I subscribed to the service and entered almost all the contests, without ever thinking I could actually win. I was overwhelmed when I got the message that Never B Like This was chosen to be mastered and mixed by John Christian. The original plan was to meet via Zoom but John invited me to his studio. That was crazy.”

The winner had to explain to friends and family how important John Christian was to him. “I told them that he is like a musical God. That I got to sit next to him in his studio, is like playing football with Messi. John’s manager told me to send the complete track to him, so he could consider what needed to be done further. This was an incredible VIRPP adventure that made me even more ambitious to work on new music.”

John Christian was not only the producer who helped Revlin with the mix. He played also a big part in choosing the winner. At the early stages of listening to all the submitted tracks, it was clear that Never B Like This was the winner. “I heard a track that if mixed professionally could have a real chance at a big label. So, we decided to help it along the way. A portal like VIRPP shows that a lot of people worldwide are making good music. Music that deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Sadly, most of those musicians don’t know how to break through. It is very cool that VIRPP can provide them with opportunities to be discovered.”

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