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Virpp starts partnership with H20 E-sports Campus Amsterdam

Virpp and H20 E-sports Campus Amsterdam join hands for a new collaboration that will bring together the worlds of music and e-sports. This collab will offer a stage to new talent that is passionate about both music and gaming and is expected to lead to cool new music for both gaming and e-sports. 

Virpp is a platform where record labels, producers, fans and artists from all over the world can access a large database of demo’s and unreleased tracks. Through its collaboration with H20, Virpp will now offer the possibility to discover new gaming music and for the first time provide a stage for artists within the gaming community. Artists will be able to submit their own demo’s via the H20 page within the Virpp platform or through the H20 website. 

The link below will forward you to the H20 page within the Virpp environment:

Selected music will be played at H20’s large gaming events. 

H20 offers artists the unique opportunity to play their own demo’s on the mainstage at the Rabo E-sports stadium at the H20 E-sports Campus Amsterdam. Other possibilities include the demo’s being used for streaming e-sports and other types of content. 

Talent development is top priority with both companies. Virpp’s focus lies mainly on talent development within the music industry through offering an open-access-platform for up and coming artists. 

H20 on the other hand, directs its services towards the newest generation of young talent within gaming, e-sports and creative tech. By effectively joining forces, they will create new opportunities that will allow talent within these industries to harvest their utmost potential.

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. The stage is set, the audience is waiting, and your stardom is just a click away.

Virpp is an intuitive platform full of people looking to get inspired by others. It's super modern. Best of all is that the labels are actively listening. 10/10 platform

Jameson AndrewsArtist

To this day I get lost watching Nicky and Jorik's heartfelt reaction to the submitted demo! VIRPP opened the doors for me, and today I know that it's only up to me to build my future!

LamasGot discovered by Nicky Romero

VIRPP is a king-maker in the making. With strong connections to the scene, amazingly talented user base, and direct relationship with the best labels, this is only the beginning!

DJ XquizitDJ/Producer

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