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How to upload your music to Spotify and collect your money?

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Creating music is an intimate process, and sharing it with the world is the dream of every artist. With a staggering user base of over 345 million listeners, Spotify offers a platform for massive exposure. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to upload music to Spotify using the cutting-edge services of VIRPP and simultaneously claim your Spotify for Artists profile.

The Role of Music Distributors in Uploading Music to Spotify

Artists cannot directly send music to Spotify. Instead, a Digital Service Provider (DSP) or music distributor is required. These third-party companies distribute your music to a variety of online music stores and streaming platforms. Recently, VIRPP expanded its services to join the ranks of these DSPs, providing a comprehensive solution for artists wishing to upload music to Spotify.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Upload Music to Spotify Using VIRPP

1. Perfect Your Sound

Before you upload music to Spotify, ensure you have a high-quality, mixed, and mastered recording of your music ready. (Five Tips to become a better music producer)

2. Join VIRPP

Sign up for VIRPP and explore the various subscription models to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Add Spotify artist to VIRPP to upload music to Spotify

3. Prepare to Upload Your Music to Spotify

Once you’ve signed up, prepare your track for upload. You’ll need your song file (preferably in WAV format), album art, and other details like genre, release date, and artist name.

4. Choose Your Release Date

As you prepare to upload music to Spotify via VIRPP, remember to set a release date. Ideally, choose a date a few weeks in advance to allow your music to be considered for Spotify’s editorial playlists.

5. Upload Your Music and Claim Your Spotify for Artists Profile

With all the details in place, upload your music to VIRPP. They’ll review your submission, and once approved, your music will be distributed to Spotify. Simultaneously, VIRPP helps you claim your Spotify for Artists profile, granting you access to profile management, listener stats, and more.

Input Metadata VIRPP music

6. Promote Your Music on Spotify

Once your music is live on Spotify, start promoting it! Share the link on your social media, your website, and on your VIRPP profile.

Monetizing Your Music on Spotify

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After successfully uploading your music to Spotify through VIRPP, it’s time to understand how to monetize your efforts. Spotify offers a variety of ways for artists to earn money, making it a lucrative platform for musicians worldwide.

Moneytize your music on Spotify with VIRPP

1. Stream-Driven Revenue

The primary way artists earn money on Spotify is through streams. Each time a Spotify user streams your song, you earn a royalty. This amount may seem small per stream, but it can accumulate into substantial earnings with enough listeners.

2. Spotify for Artists – Direct-to-Fan Merchandise

Spotify for Artists lets you sell merchandise directly to fans. You can showcase your merchandise like vinyl, CDs, or t-shirts on your Spotify artist profile, providing fans a quick and easy way to support you. Note that Spotify doesn’t take a cut from these sales, so all proceeds go directly to you.

3. Spotify Pre-Save Campaigns

Running pre-save campaigns for upcoming releases can drive streams once your track is live. Pre-saved tracks automatically appear in the listener’s library upon release, increasing the likelihood of streams.

4. Spotify’s RADAR Program

For emerging artists, Spotify’s RADAR program can be a game-changer. It provides artists the opportunity to reach a broader audience, garnering more streams and hence more revenue.

5. Songwriting and Production Credits

Spotify also allows you to display songwriting and production credits on tracks. This can attract collaborations or placements that could result in additional revenue.


With VIRPP, you can seamlessly upload music to Spotify and claim your Spotify for Artists profile, making your music journey smoother than ever before. Remember, your music journey doesn’t end once your tracks are on Spotify. Continue creating, sharing, and reaching out to your audience. Here’s to your success!

Users about uploading their music on Spotify through VIRPP

Q: How can I distribute my music on Spotify?

A: To distribute your music on Spotify, you need to use a music distributor. VIRPP is a leading platform that can handle this for you. With VIRPP, you can upload your music and have it distributed not only to Spotify but also to various other online music stores and streaming platforms. Simply sign up, choose a subscription model that fits your needs, and start uploading your tracks.

Q: Can I upload my music directly to Spotify?

A: No, Spotify requires artists to use a music distributor, like VIRPP, to upload their music. These services provide a bridge between artists and Spotify, ensuring your music reaches the platform and is available to Spotify’s millions of listeners globally.

Q: Is there a cost involved to distribute my music to Spotify through VIRPP?

A: Yes, VIRPP offers different subscription models for artists. The cost depends on the subscription model you choose. However, remember that investing in a reliable distribution service like VIRPP can help your music reach a much larger audience and open the doors to earning revenue from your streams.

Q: Can I earn money from my music on Spotify?

A: Absolutely. Artists earn money on Spotify primarily through streams. Each time a Spotify user streams your song, you earn a royalty. The exact amount per stream can vary, but with a substantial number of listeners, these earnings can accumulate into a significant income. In addition to stream-driven revenue, Spotify for Artists also allows you to sell merchandise directly to your fans, participate in Spotify’s RADAR program, and display songwriting and production credits for additional revenue opportunities.

Q: How can I maximize my revenue on Spotify?

A: To maximize your revenue on Spotify, focus on promoting your music and engaging with your fans. Share your Spotify music link on your social media platforms and your VIRPP profile. Run pre-save campaigns for upcoming releases to drive streams once your track goes live. You can also participate in Spotify’s RADAR program for emerging artists to reach a wider audience. Remember, the key to success is maintaining the quality of your music and nurturing your relationship with your fans.

Q: What’s the cost to upload music to Spotify through VIRPP?

A: With VIRPP, distributing your music on popular streaming services like Spotify is both affordable and straightforward. You can upload and distribute your music starting at competitive subscription prices, which offer unlimited distribution capabilities.

Q: How long does it take for my music to appear on Spotify through VIRPP?

A: At VIRPP, we prioritize getting your music out to your fan base swiftly. After you upload your music to VIRPP, it typically takes us about one day to approve it. You can then expect your music to be live on Spotify within about five business days.

Q: Can anyone use VIRPP to upload music to Spotify?

A: Absolutely! VIRPP is a platform for all artists. As long as you adhere to our guidelines on release information and provide your songs in the preferred format, you can distribute your music through VIRPP.

Q: What reach can I expect when I distribute my music on Spotify?

A: When you upload your music to Spotify, you’re tapping into a global listener base. Spotify is available in over 60 countries and territories, exponentially increasing your potential to be discovered by music fans worldwide.

Q: How frequently does Spotify make payments?

A: While VIRPP ensures you receive your earnings as soon as possible, we still have to wait for Spotify. Typically, there’s a two-month delay on earnings from streaming services and online stores. For example, if you upload your music to Spotify in January, you’ll likely see your first payments in March.

Q: How can I promote my music on Spotify?

A: Once your music is live on Spotify, you can claim your Spotify for Artists profile, facilitated by VIRPP. This platform allows you to pitch songs for playlists, update photos on your Spotify profile, edit your bio, and more.

Q: Is there a catch to using VIRPP for music distribution?

A: Absolutely not! VIRPP aims to make what was once a complicated process simple and accessible. We’ve led the industry in offering a straightforward solution for artists to distribute their music globally. Plus, remember, we don’t take a cut from your earnings.

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