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Trifecta X VIRPP [ENG]

VIRRP is not only aiming the platform towards dance music. One of the biggest hip-hop labels in the Netherlands: Trifecta jumped on the VIRRP train and is getting ready to organize some special things. Labelmanager Gaétan van de Sande: “We are planning to release tracks we find on VIRRP every other month.”

The founding father of Trifecta is rapper and media personality Ali B. The company started after his management agency SPEC noticed that artists were asking for label services. The created SPEC Music and released Ali B records. Four years later that enterprise grew into Trifecta. The label released music from big Dutch artist like Boef, Shirak en Famke Louise.

Next to the hitmakers Trifecta is always looking for the superstar of tomorrow.

How does Trifecta go about looking for new talent?

“All of us here are very hands on, so there is no waiting in front of our mailbox waiting on new demo’s. We rather go outside for example to check out live performances of new artist. A lot of music comes to us through people we work with or friends of them. When we find somebody interesting Trifecta always looks for the distinctiveness and a clear profile in an artist. That way we can we can help them kickstart and sustain a long career. We are of the opinion that a hit is good but a career is beter. So, Trifecta is not single driven. In the past we released tracks that had commercially looking not a high potential for mega success, but were a very important part in building the profile of an artist.”

How did the collaboration with VIRPP started?

“I’ve worked on marketing with the parent company of VIRRP called YourBrandHub. When they did a presentation on this new platform, I was excited. VIRRP is doing something new and will be a great partner in the search of new talent. As a label it is impossible to listen to all the demo’s you receive. I would love if we could but in the day to day business of running a company that is not going to happen. Working with VIRPP gives us an alternative way to check out the really good ones.”

Other labels on VIRRP are mostly active in the EDM-scene, Trifecta specializes in hip-hop. 

“I think that there are big similarities between dance and hip-hop. They are both very approachable when you compare them with traditional band or classical music. If you want to get started in hip-hop or dance all you have to do is be talented and have a simple home studio.”

Are you going to find the next Trifecta superstar on VIRRP?

“That is a hard question to answer. What I do know is that this is not the ultimate goal. We want to give new artists a platform for demo drops. Next to that we want them to meet likeminded people. We also find it important to share our knowledge and are going to be very active on VIRPP. Another ambition is to get professionals in our network, from artists to producers, radio people, marketeers and other content makers onboard. The biggest thing that Trifecta is going to do on VIRRP is releasing tracks we find on VIRRP every other month. There is no better way to support new talent.”

Written by: VIRPP Staff

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