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Stevie Krash is the winner of the Axtone remix contest

By November 21, 2020No Comments

Stevie Krash was the first winner in the Axtone competition on VIRPP. His remix of

Kryder & Tom Staar ft EBSON – Waiting On My Love is getting a release on the legendary label. We talked to the Portuguese DJ about life, career and winning the brass ring.

Tell us something about your background in music

“It all started with my father. He is a very respected singer in Portugal and taught me the power of music. To listen, understand and respect all musical styles. I was lucky enough to attend all of his live shows. So, I see the big picture of what music represents. Not only in the electronic genre but in all styles. At six years old I started piano lessons. That lasted for 12 years. After that the guitar and drums followed. I was very interested in electronic music and attended a course at Dance Planet Academy and worked at the professional studio MDB Audio. A great way to learn even more. Nowadays, next to my Stevie Krash persona, I’m a producer of several artists.”

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How did you hear about VIRPP and what was your first reaction after registration?

“I saw an ad on Facebook and it triggered me to check out the site. In the past I stopped participating in contests because I always thought they were kind of unfair and poorly organized. But the way VIRPP works made me confident enough to participate. And the rest is, as they say, history.”

What is the story behind your remix?

“It is so cool to know that the remix that was made with hard work, sweat and heart was heard by many and finally selected to be the winner in the Axtone competition. The other producers were very good But I had faith in myself, the remix and my qualities as a producer and DJ. I did the remix a few days after the start of the competition. The direction was something that came to me rather quickly. I’m very lucky, because creativity doesn’t have mathematical formulas, it’s fickle, it comes and goes.”

Why did you think Axtone selected your remix?

“I think Axtone selected my work because of the quality and the remix has that something extra. Something that is important and mostly forgotten by starting producers and DJ’s. I am talking about that unique style, something you never heard before. In this day and age almost, everything sounds the same. If you want to stand out, be your own man and do your own thing.”

What is next for Stevie Krash?

“On the 23rd of this month I’m going to release another track, this time on the Japanese label Sinka. There are a lot of other Stevie Krash songs that are waiting to be released. The Covid-19 situation delayed some plans regarding playing live. If everything goes according to plan, I will be in Liverpool somewhere in March to play a sick set. Next to that I will continue to give everything to take my work to the next level and to reach as many people as possible. Virpp already helped out with that ambition.”

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