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Unleash Your Beats: Send Your Demo to DJ Sidney Samson through VIRPP

Attention all aspiring music producers! Your chance to break into the global music scene has just become easier than ever. Send your Demo to Sidney samson Through VIRPP, the innovative music platform, has joined hands with internationally acclaimed DJ Sidney Samson. This collaboration gives you a rare opportunity to have your demo listened to by the DJing sensation himself.

Sidney Samson, a name synonymous with high-energy electronic dance music, has shaken up the EDM scene with his chart-topping hits. Known for his platinum-selling single ‘Riverside,’ Sidney has established himself as a leading name in the global music industry. Now, through his collaboration with VIRPP, Sidney is opening the doors to emerging talents eager to make their mark.

Tips and Tricks to send you Demo

VIRPP is transforming the music industry by empowering up-and-coming artists. The platform’s objective is to democratize the music scene and provide unprecedented opportunities for aspiring musicians. And with Sidney Samson on board, VIRPP’s commitment to fostering new talent reaches new heights.

So, are you ready to showcase your musical genius to Sidney Samson? If your dream is to have your beats shake up dance floors worldwide, VIRPP and Sidney Samson are ready to make it a reality.

To submit your demo,

head to the VIRPP platform and upload your best tracks. Stand a chance to have your music heard by Sidney Samson and catapult your music career into the stratosphere.

Remember, this is more than just a demo submission; it’s an opportunity to connect directly with an industry stalwart. Sidney Samson isn’t just listening; he’s looking for the next big thing in the music scene. Could that be you?

Seize this chance, let your music be heard, and make your mark in the music industry with VIRPP and Sidney Samson. The journey to becoming the next big music producer starts here. The beat drops now.

The Dutch DJ Sidney Samson is a worldwide phenomenon. After milestones like scoring global hits (“Riverside”), musical collaborations with huge names and his residencies in Las Vegas, he started his own label: BASSELEKTRO this year. Samson has also recently joined VIRPP as one of the new partners. 

What’s the story behind BASSELEKTRO? Send your Demo to Sidney Samson

“I wanted to launch a label specially meant for pure house music, only cool music like Tech, Basse and House. The music I make and love. Following “Riverside” global success in 2009, I toured all over the globe and worked with people like Steve Aoki, Afrojack, will.i.am, Martin Garrix, Tujamo and Olivier Heldens. Through the years, my musical taste has evolved. I’ve started BASSELEKTRO as I didn’t want to do only ‘the one, two, three jump thing’. The original plan was to release only my own music on it. Music from other artists would just be too time consuming given, the number of demos you have to go through. The plan has changed when I talked to the people at VIRPP as the platform provides solutions to that problem. 

 What do you think about the quality of the music that is uploaded to VIRPP?

“The quality of the things I have heard is amazing. When I use the platform for an hour, there are very high chances that I will hear 10 to 20 tracks that are awesome. In many cases, we’re talking about music that is ready to be released. I can tell you one thing for sure, when I started, my music was not on the level of tracks I have heard on VIRPP. 

 Are you looking for the next big thing or artists on VIRPP?

“To be honest, I really don’t have a preference. I’m involved with VIRPP because I want to find good tracks that are a perfect fit for BASSELEKTRO. That being said, it is very important to know a little bit more about the DJ or producer of the track I have fallen in love. So please, provide relevant information on socials and/or on personal VIRPP-page.”

 Do you have tips and tricks to share with new talent in order to get noticed?

“It is a given that you should make fantastic music that is distinctive. But it’s also essential to have a strong social media game. If you want to get noticed, don’t only share your own stuff out there. Share insides, ideas, stories, tips and your thoughts about music and the music business with other people. That or be freaking funny, genuine and or original.”

What can users expect from BASSELEKTRO on the VIRPP-platform?

“We have already done one contest that was a smash. After Afrojack had invited me to play at Bootshaus in Köln, Germany, I asked VIRPP users to submit a track that would be perfect for that show. The winner was BAWS by SNDBNT and when I played the track, the audience at Bootshaus erupted. I filmed me playing it and posted it on the socials. This was like the best promo for the track and the artist. In the future, we will organize other competitions in search of artists and tracks to be released on BASSELEKTRO.”

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. The stage is set, the audience is waiting, and your stardom is just a click away.

Virpp is an intuitive platform full of people looking to get inspired by others. It's super modern. Best of all is that the labels are actively listening. 10/10 platform

Jameson AndrewsArtist

To this day I get lost watching Nicky and Jorik's heartfelt reaction to the submitted demo! VIRPP opened the doors for me, and today I know that it's only up to me to build my future!

LamasGot discovered by Nicky Romero

VIRPP is a king-maker in the making. With strong connections to the scene, amazingly talented user base, and direct relationship with the best labels, this is only the beginning!

DJ XquizitDJ/Producer

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