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Scorpio Music X VIRPP

By November 6, 2020November 17th, 2020No Comments

Since 1976, Scorpio Music is the perfect example of a family owned independent record label. The French company was founded by Henri Belolo, the co-creator and producer of acts like Village People. Nowadays, their roster consists among others international hits producer Willy William. General Manager Chiara Belolo: “I hope VIRPP will make us more reactive and allow us to get at the forefront of signings and artist relations.”

What is the unique selling point of Scorpio Music?

“We have been consistently delivering globally acclaimed records across over four decades, earning the music industry’s trust and respect to this day. Village People’s YMCA, Mi Gente and Bella Ciao are all titles that are part of our strong identity and represent well our history throughout different decades.”

New talent is the lifeblood and the future of this industry, how do you guys reach that group?

“It has been a very interesting time for the last couple of year. On one side, we are more connected than ever and able to reach artists worldwide. At the same time, there is so much music out there that it’s hard for a new artist to stand out or for a label to find that hidden pearl. We are hoping that by collaborating with VIRPP this will change.”

How does Scorpio Music discover the next big thing?

“Word of mouth has always been important to find new talent. A common acquaintance would tell us about a new artist or a new single. Maintaining friendly relationships with everyone we meet is something that is in our DNA and when it comes to new artists it has paid off repeatedly. Another way to discover new music are demos. We get loads via our social media. Sadly, it’s impossible to check them all because of time constrains and the vast quantity. So, we are looking for a way to centralize the way we review new music. I think a platform like VIRPP can play a role in that ambition. We are hoping that this collaboration will make us even more reactive and allow us to get at the forefront of signings and artist relations.”

What kind of artist and or producers are you looking for and what should VIRRP-users do to get noticed?

“Scorpion Music is always looking for artists with a strong vision. Artists with a uniqueness that makes them stand out. Being able to write, produce and perform is a plus. I believe there is no secret recipe to stand out from the crowd, apart for being yourself and expressing that in a way that shows the artist you want to be. It is also important not to jump straight in but to wait until you think you are 100 percent ready to share a production. Lastly, I would love to see more submissions from girls and women.”

One of the USPs of VIRPP are the contests, what do you think about that and how is Scorpio Music going to use that?

“We want our artists to use the platform with us. We are thinking about running competitions or giving exclusive opportunities to VIRPP users, like a five-minute FaceTime with a Scorpio artist or our A&R. We think contests are super cool and would love to hear back from the users. Social media is our main communication channel, so let’s get the conversation going. We are here to learn from our audience. Tweet to us @scorpio_music to let us know what prizes you would like to see and let’s work it out together #VIRPPxScorpio”

Are you working with VIRPP to find the next big thing or is this a way to support new artists?

“Naturally everybody in this business is always looking for the next big thing, but it’s usually the moment you stop obsessing about it that it finds you or you find it. One thing is for certain, because of our collaboration with VIRPP, new music will not go unnoticed. We are excited about the platform, and if with it, Scorpio Music can also help a new artist to stand out in the global music market that would be a very nice extra.”

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