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Protocol Recordings X VIRPP

By July 31, 2020September 17th, 2020No Comments

Protocol Recordings was established in 2012 by DJ and producer Nicky Romero. In eight years, it has grown into a recognizable and established label. Protocol is collaborating with VIRRP in their search of new talent. Floris Mevissen, digital marketing / data manager: “There is an incredible amount of talent out there, just waiting to be discovered.”

Nicky Romero hit the bullseye with Protocol Recordings. The label is well known and has released several hits. The company worked with international names like David Guetta and Calvin Harris, at the same time they ventured into K-Pop and gave new artist a start at Protocol’s Miami and or ADE EP’s. Through the years Protocol became more than just a label from a DJ/producer. Floris Mevissen names one of the core values that specific family feeling. “In everything Protocol Recordings does, we always go for the long term and not the quick win. A central part in that strategy is building and maintain our relationship with artists and our fans. Something we hope expand on while working with VIRRP.”

What makes Protocol Recordings unique?

“Our core mantra is quality not quantity. That is something our fan base feels, recognizes and appreciates. This does not only go for the music that we release, but everything that carries the Protocol Recordings stamp. Innovation is a very big part of our DNA. We always look for something new and groundbreaking. A good example of this was the virtual live show Another World from Nicky Romero. That was very different experience for fans when you compare it to other streamed shows. Next to that synergy is very important. We want our producers to work with and learn from each other. To facilitate that we have a studio called Instigate Studios, where writing camps are organized, music is created and also own a radio station with weekly broadcasts. If an artist or a producer signs with Protocol, all these assets will be used to get them out of the gate running.”

How did the collaboration with VIRRP start?

Protocol was already looking into a different way of managing incoming demos. Every week, we get a boatload of recordings from people who dream of making it big in the music industry. The quality is not always on par. You have to look really hard to find that one gem and to be honest, listening to all the demos is next to impossible. VIRPP can be a kind of a gatekeeper. The platform will filter out the recordings that   don’t meet certain standards. Only the demos that are really interesting will reach us. So, we can concentrate on those.”

How do you promote the collaboration to your fan base?

“That is easy. VIRPP is the platform you need to use if you want Protocol Recordings to listen to your demo. If you upload a good one, the chances that your demo will actually be listened to or better yet get signed, are very good. Protocol Recordings is always looking for new groundbreaking original material that fits within our established sound. I understand that the last part is a fluid statement but I’m sure that producers know if their release is a perfect fit on Protocol Recordings.”

Is VIRPP going to help in the search of the next big thing?

“There are a lot of people, who are making and producing music, and yes, there is an incredible amount of talent out there, just waiting to be discovered. VIRPP helps us to listen to the really interesting demos and to interact with new producers. Ultimately, we want to give talented people a chance. We can’t wait for what kind of music will come to us through VIRRP”

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