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Major Dreamin’ released on Trifecta via VIRPP

The American-Dutch rapper Major Dreamin’ has won the first Trifecta X VIRPP competition.

His track Scooby is a club banger with lots of energy and a catchy chorus. “It is really hard to pin me down to one style. The music I make is best described as a cross between hip-hop and afro.”

Where did the Major Dreamin’ name come from?

“A long time ago, I had this dream about performing on stage in front of lots of people. Next to that, I believe you can make your dreams come through if you are true to yourself and are willing to work hard. This belief combined with the dream were the basics of my name.”

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What is your musical style?

“I’ve been writing music and playing guitar since I was seven. Nine years later, I decided to pursue a career in music. I’ve started out making Boom Bap hip-hop, but I also like singing and R&B. It is really hard to pin the artist Major Dreamin’ down to one style. The music I make is best described as a cross between hip-hop and afro.”

You’ve won the Trifecta X VIRPP competition with the track Scooby. What makes it special?

“This beat is a club banger with lots of energy and a chorus that is catchy. Scooby has a perfect balance and is something you don’t hear every day. Everybody knows Scooby Snacks from the cartoon Scooby Doo. Well this is something very different. This Scooby you can use instead of explicit sexual words. All in good fun of course.”

How did you enter the competition on VIRPP?

“I was looking online for tips and tricks on how to get your demos noticed. There are a lot of platforms out there and they all promise the moon but deliver nothing. I saw an VIRPP advertisement and I was intrigued. When I logged in and noticed that they ran a competition with Trifecta and I went “Damn”. I’ve never seen a Dutch urban label work with a platform like this. I instantly uploaded Scooby.”

A couple of weeks later, you heard that your track was chosen as the winner.

“Whoa, when that phone call happened, I went crazy. It is incredibly cool that Scooby gets an official release. The last couple of weeks, I collaborated with producers like Chick Flix on different tracks that also got a release. However, the Trifecta one is the crown jewel. I hope this will generate some momentum and Major Dreamin’ can take the next steps.”

Are you still using VIRPP?

“Most definitely. The design is slick and the way the content is presented is clear. I was surprised of the talent and great music. I’ve even noticed some producers I can hopefully work with in the future.”

What is next for Major Dreamin’?

“My ultimate ambition is to have an international career, be on the top of the game and be musically relevant. But most importantly, I want to be a positive force and help other people.”

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