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In Control Recordings (Charmes) X VIRPP

Charmes is a well-known name in the Dutch house industry. Next to being a DJ he produces his own music and music for others. He works with VIRPP to find, coach and help the next generation of DJ’s and producers.

Tell us something about Charmes?

“I dropped my first single in 2007 and been working on in the dance industry ever since. First in the Netherlands and after that the world. It is pretty important to get your name out there. So, in 2012 I started with a international tour and been doing that eversince. I’ve played Asia, America and off course hot spots like Ibiza. I call the music that I make ‘swag house’ and see myself as an artist and a storyteller. It is my job to symbiotically combine different styles. For example, I produce house music with a groovy kind of bass, but I love adding hip-hop vocals and samples to it. By transcending musical boundaries and applying a range of tricks and techniques, my music becomes a kind of translucent. It’s hard to tell where house starts and swag ends. That sound clearly resonates with my audience and proves how superficial musical boundaries are.”

How important is new talent to you?

“Very important. In general, helping new artists is a common thread in my career. I have been a mentor, teacher and spokesperson for the Dutch music schools; Herman Brood Academy, Pioneer dj school & Pyntago producer school. On top of that i guide young creatives in my own publishing fund as well.  I have to say it is a fantastic experience. One of the main reasons, I have launched my own label In Control Recordings, is to discover and support new talent. I love to help the next generation of DJ’s and producers take their next step.”

What kind of artists are you looking for?

“Basically, I’m hoping to find good house and tech house productions. When it comes to music, I trust my gut intuition and the feeling you get when you hear a track for the first time is priceless. And yes, uniqueness is also important and let’s not forget, your passion for the process of making house and tech house music. To be blunt, I’m looking for house music with big grooves and funky basslines, that will make you want to dance. I have already listened to some music on VIRPP and what I heard was very promising.”

Next to making good music, what should a DJ or a producer do to get noticed by In Control Recordings?

“The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and stick to your own plan. There is a lot of new talent out there, that is trying to imitate something that is already there. When you work on music, it is not a problem if an established artist was a source of inspiration for you, but in the end always make something that is uniquely you.”

What kind of VIRPP-competitions can we expect from Charmes?

“We have lots of cool plans. First, we are going to offer an official release on In Control Recordings. Next to that, a starting artist can win a coaching day with me and my team at the studio or the Pioneer DJ School. Some cool things that will hopefully steer their career in the right way. In Control Music is a Dutch company but we are looking for artists from all over the world.”

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