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Herman Brood Academie x VIRPP

VIRPP is working together with the Dutch music school Herman Brood Academy. Jeroen Kant, closely involved with the dance producers’ department, tells us the why and how of this unique collaboration

The Herman Brood Academy is a renowned Dutch school, where music is the main focus. Big names in EDM like Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan and Sluwe Vos graduated from this certified institution. Tell us more about the origins of the school.

“We started 14 years ago, as an education institution for pop and rock bands. After a couple of years, the hip-hop and dance departments followed. Next to that, we teach music industry professional and stage tech. Every year, 500 students attend classes in the Herman Brood Academy. I work mainly with the dance producers. We started out with three students, nowadays we teach up to 80 future dance producers.”


How does the curriculum of the Herman Brood Academy look like?

“We are a secondary vocational education. I always say to our new students, this is the most fun school you can imagine, but we’re still a school. So next to courses like the technical side of making music and business, pop history and lesson to hone their musical craft, we teach languages and mathematics. To be realistic, not every student here will be able to make a living in the music industry straight out of the gate and some will go to higher vocational education. It is important to have basic skills.”

What were your first thoughts on VIRPP?

“I’ve known DJ and producer John Dirne for a long time. I think the first contact with VIRPP was because of him. When he told me of this new platform, I instantly became excited. I understood why this could work. At the Herman Brood Academy, we see how hard it is for students to get a foot in the door of record companies and labels. VIRPP could be a wonderful tool to help them with that. Record companies are flooded with demos on a daily basis. The chance that a potential hit will be heard by A&R are slim to none. That is a problem, not only for our students but for every new talent out there. It looks like VIRPP has cracked that code.”


What is the role of the Herman Brood Academy on VIRPP?

“Our main goal is to support students by providing access to the A&R departments and VIRPP will help realize that. There are already a lot of big national and international names onboard. Also spotting collaborations between other users on VIRPP will be very cool. I am looking forward to seeing how it will play itself out. One of the founders of the platform, Yassine Seghrouchni, will visit the academy with an A&R and will talk about the benefits of using VIRPP and tell the students everything they need to know to be successful on the platform.”

What are your ambitions with this collaboration?

“To see students of the Herman Brood Academy win those cool producer contests on VIRPP.”

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