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A&R’s, Labels, Companies and Influencers are looking for new talents on VIRPP.

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Find the right label or audience for your unique sound, use the VIRPP platform to connect with fans, fellow artists, and top labels worldwide.

  • Keep all your rights
  • Get a copyright statement
  • Use dropbox or choose file

Trusted by 100k+ users

Engage with others

Connect with others in the VIRPP community and hear what they have to say about your music. Do the same and help them soar too!

  • Get feedback on your demos
  • Connect and learn from others
  • Get insights in your audience

Join specific contests or demo drops

Professionals create contests and specific demo drops.
Winners will get exposure and prices.

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Real people with life-changing results.

“Whoa, when that phone call happened, I went crazy. It is incredibly cool that "Scooby" gets an official release. I was looking online for tips and tricks on how to get your demos noticed. There are a lot of platforms out there and they all promise the moon but deliver nothing.”

Major Dreamin'Discovered by Trifecta

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Unique Fingerprint Statements

Every time you upload a track to VIRPP, we’ll provide an official “Statement of Ownership” to protect your work.

Did We Mention It’s FREE?

Uploading demos on VIRPP won’t cost you a cent - unless you want to upgrade to our PREMIUM membership and access even MORE great features.

Eye-Opening Stats

What do your fans love? What about labels - who’s most likely to sign you up? VIRPP has the answers you seek.


Join raffles and contests from all around the world, for free, and stand a chance to win complimentary studio sessions, free recording gear, plugins, and beyond.

Remix Contests

Discover exciting remix competitions hosted by labels worldwide. Download original parts of popular songs and remix them YOUR way. Show the world what you’ve got!


Expand your horizons and get the exposure you deserve by connecting with fellow artists, fans, and record labels from all around the globe.

Earn “Vcoins”

The VIRPP platform has its own “currency” online, which you can earn by rating other artists and sharing constructive feedback. Redeem your coins on raffles and remix contests anytime.

Get Great Feedback

Connect with others in the VIRPP universe and hear what they have to say about your beats. Do the same and help them soar too!

Around-The-Clock Support

We’re here for you, anytime day or night. Contact us with your queries, AM or PM, and we’ll revert as soon as we can.

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