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Dim Mak Records x VIRPP

Los Angeles based Dim Mak Records is not only an independent record label but also an events company and lifestyle brand. It was founded by Steve Aoki in 1996 and outgrew their punk roots by transforming to one of the leading EDM-companies in the world. VIRPP spoke to head of marketing, Bryan Linares about the label, new talent, the 25th anniversary of Dim Mak and their continuing mission to grow as a global and diverse brand.

Congratulations on Dim Mak’s 25th birthday

“That’s right. 25 years ago, our fearless leader Steve Aoki started this adventure. In the beginning, the label was known for punk hardcore music but we have evolved since. Through the years, Dim Mak released everything from indie or emo to dance, hip-hop and electronic music. Recently, we started two ventures: our Latin label Dim Mak En Fuego and the underground dance label A Good One. We’ve always been a platform for young developing artists. For us the need to have a real good connection with the next generation of musicians is very important. That’s kind of how our business grew. We always want to be progressive in our sound and what we do. Nowadays, these progressive ideas come from millennials and Gen-Z.”

How do you find the new generation?

“Traditionally, you would find new artists through demo’s but that process has been a lot harder to manage because of the amount received. The other traditional thing is going out to shows and the network you build through the years. What Dim Mak’s built in the last 25 years set us up as a great partner for any artist We hope that by working with VIRPP we will streamline our constant search for the next generation of artists. For a quarter of a century Dim Mak released all kinds of genres. Moving forward we are a EDM label, but Steve loves to work with new things, genres and artists from different cultures. Yes, Electronic Dance Music is our base right now, but we want to use VIRPP to get in touch with other genres from other parts of the world. Our priority is to be a global label with a diverse group of global artists.”

How much will you miss not going to Amsterdam Dance Event to look for those young guns?

“For us Amsterdam is Disneyland, there is a certain happiness there that is overwhelming, and we always had an amazing time at ADE. The people, culture around the industry, nightlife, music and the potential discovery of new talent are being missed man. It’s always an amazing experience and there is such a good vibe.”

Is Dim Mak looking for that diamond in the rough or artists with some experience?

“We don’t care, both are welcome. If you’re an artist that has already developed a brand, sound and or a fanbase. Great, we can most definitely help you with what comes next. But we also love to help new artists get started. With our roots in the punk hardcore subculture our heart has always been in developing new artists and helping them further in their career.”

What should artists do to get noticed by Dim Mak?

“The idea of being persistent, dropping demo’s and sending messages is still here today. Whenever we log into social media like Instagram, we try to find time to listen and read. I have also seen upcoming producers remix unofficially Dim Mak songs and that got them noticed.”

Can you tell me something about your thoughts on VIRPP and the first collaboration?

“What I love about VIRPP is their progressiveness in developing the digital community. Not only for producers or DJ’s but also for industry and fans. This creates a direct link that is a way more efficient for a company like us. For our first collaboration, we invite VIRPP users to remix the festival favorite Mawlee by one of our leading dubstep artist Riot Ten. After that, we’re planning on running more campaigns to find remixes and potential artists for our other ventures Dim Mak En Fuego and A Good One.”

Any advice for the people who will enter the remix contest?

“We want people to stand out with their remix. In the end, that’s the best way to get noticed.” 

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