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Avalon X VIRPP

By November 23, 2020No Comments

In 2014, two brothers Jayh and Redouan founded Avalon Music. Six years later, the label is known as a one-stop shop for urban music. After establishing itself as a trusted name in the Dutch music industry, the international expansion beckons. Redouan Ait Tal: “The scouting and development of new talent is something we take very seriously.”

How did Avalon Music get started?

“Six year ago, I was responsible for the management of Jayh and when it came to releasing music, we were longing for more freedom. So, the original plan with Avalon Music was to do just that. Releasing our own music. The way we thought it should be released. Avalon started as a label for the Dutch market. Artists that came aboard were all making music in the urban genre here. It was only natural that after a couple of years, we decided to explore international markets. Our first international success was a big one and right out of the gate. Dopebwoy scored a top 10 hit in France with Cartier and that opened doors for new collaborations. Avalon Music scored another big hit in Morocco with the song Ya La Laa from Dystinct and that made us aware of the huge market for Arabic music. Our company has grown bigger with every new opportunity. We have started literally on our kitchen table as two brother and now we have our own offices with a wonderful team and three studios.”

How do you guys spot new talent?

“When you work in the music industry, one thing you do is to keep your ears to the street, so you know what is happening in the world around you.  And yes, we are getting a lot of demos. That can work. Recently Avalon Music signed an upcoming French artist who sent his demo directly to us. Another important way to spot a new talent is to listen to your own artists. They come with recommendations all the time. But you have to be realistic. There are only so many hours in a day and we are not a big company. Our main focus is to help the artists, who signed with us, to grow even further. Quality over quantity. Having said that, the scouting and development of new talent is something we take very seriously. This is the reason we signed up with VIRPP, to help us with the process.”

How is Avalon planning to reach new artists with VIRPP?

“The cool thing about this platform is that you can spot undiscovered talent in a special way, like competitions, where you give away something very exclusive. We are thinking about prices like an actual release on Avalon Music with the intention of creating a hit. But also, studio time with our producers. We are very serious about this. Will we find the next big thing? I don’t know, that is impossible to say at the moment. Right now, I see VIRPP as a breeding ground for new artists and that is a perfect fit for us. Avalon Music has never signed an established artist. Our strength is in working with artists on the ground floor, helping them take new steps and developing their career further. When you look at it like this, I think Avalon Music and VIRPP are a good match. When the first contest is online, we’re going to use our social media to promote this cool collaboration with VIRPP.”

What do talents need to do to get noticed by Avalon Music?

“We are always looking for people who are creative and venture off the beaten path. A big plus is if they make music with a unique sound and vibe. Avalon Music is not looking for a talent that sounds or looks like something or someone that is already out there. You have to be unique, have a great personality and be active on social media. It is also important that you look and act like an artist.”

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