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Rotterdam, Netherlands
This is the Official page of Icharío. Hi, my name is Joshua Lorenzo/Icharío I am a 19-year-old DJ/Producer. My passion is creating music for you guys to enjoy. Bussiness E-mail: [email protected]more
Need You
Track by Icharío
Do you need music as much as us? Don't be afraid and join us on the road of life. We are producers from different countries who had a dream to inspire people so we decided to collab. So gather your party outfit and enjoy the song.
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SuperTZ1 day ago
Sounding good! Make sure to put the bass up 1.5 Db and lower the reverb wet settings like everyone said and you'll get it signed easy.
MLKR1 day ago
Really cool track!
i like it
Alexander Vija3 days ago
Great track brother!
MedKàBou3 days ago
Great Track Try to reduce the reverb From The drop
nsaityi_official4 days ago
nice vibe actually!
8ugustus4 days ago
woahh niceeeee 🔥🔥🔥
DragosCatana6 days ago
Alexose22 days ago
nice job there man,i suggest to turn up the bass a bit more and also for the reverb try to use it less on the leads otherwise it will push them on the background,keep it up
Josmik3 months ago
Awesome 👍
Gursharan Singh12 months ago
Very nice brother keep going
Learsabout 1 year ago
tomuch reverb on the leads in drop
Icharíoabout 1 year ago
pls don't comment if the track is not yours Siquilla
[email protected]about 1 year ago
Very Nice Joshua
Chaerianabout 1 year ago
Sounds fresh 🌪🔥 keep going
siquillaabout 1 year ago
myrayrayabout 1 year ago
Awesome....you’ve come so far💯💯so happy🤩🤩
siquillaabout 1 year ago
thank you so much🙏🏽🙏🏽❤
elianabout 1 year ago
Glowing bro⚡
siquillaabout 1 year ago
Serenabout 1 year ago
siquillaabout 1 year ago
Alessiaabout 1 year ago
<3 <3 <3
Icharíoabout 1 year ago
juardoalvarezabout 1 year ago
Wowww What an amazing track with such great energy!
daisygomes535about 1 year ago
This is a banger. A great summer track. Love the drop.
Icharíoabout 1 year ago
Thank you so much. We worked really hard at this.
[email protected]about 1 year ago
Super sick! 🔥☄️🌪
Icharíoabout 1 year ago
thx bro