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What are Vcoins?

Vcoins are VIRPP's in-app currency that is used as a reward system. Users can earn and spend vcoins on the platform to access various features and rewards.
EARN VCOINSHow can I earn vcoins?There are several ways to earn vcoins on VIRPP: Support and rate other tracks of music creators on the platform by giving feedback, comments, and engaging with the community. Give feedback on a feedback request from other users. When you receive a feedback request, you will earn vcoins for providing helpful and constructive feedback. Sign up for a PRO subscription to earn vcoins every month.
SPEND VCOINSHow can I spend vcoins?You can spend vcoins on the following: Joining contests and raffles on the platform. To join these events, you'll need to pay a fee in vcoins. Accessing exclusive features and rewards that are only available to users who have earned a certain number of vcoins.
THE FUTUREWhat can I do with vcoins in the future?Vcoins will be used for more features and rewards in the future, so keep earning them by supporting the VIRPP community.


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