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How to Release your music?

Whether you're looking to get released through a record label or independently on the major streaming platforms, we've got you covered. So let's get started!
MAKE YOUR CHOICEChoose Your Release TypeWhether you have a brand new track or an existing demo that you've previously uploaded to VIRPP, you can choose to release it directly to over 100 stores and streaming platforms. If you choose to release a demo, you can use the feedback you received to make sure your track is ready for release. This way, you can ensure that you're putting your best foot forward when distributing your music.
ADD DETAILSComplete Your Release InformationOnce you've selected the track you want to release, you need to enter the necessary information, such as the track title, artist name, and release date. You can also add additional details such as genre, mood, and cover art. This information helps the streaming platforms categorize and promote your music to their users, making it easier for fans to discover your music.
DISTRIBUTEDistribute Your Release to 100+ Stores and Platforms:After entering the necessary information for your release, VIRPP will distribute your music to over 100 stores and streaming platforms you selected, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. This means your music will be available worldwide, so your fans can easily find and listen to your latest work. You won't have to worry about uploading your music to multiple platforms, VIRPP will take care of it for you.
EARN MONEYEarn Money and Track Your ProgressAs your music starts generating streams and downloads, you'll earn money through VIRPP's revenue-sharing model. You can track your progress and see how your music is performing in real-time through the VIRPP statistics page. You can also view earnings reports, so you know exactly how much money you're making from your music. This way, you can use the information to plan future releases and make data-driven decisions.


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