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How to upload your track?

Ready to upload your tracks to VIRPP and get them out into the world? Here's how to do it.
UPLOAD YOUR FILEChoose a file or DropboxFirst, choose the file you want to upload. You can either select a file from your computer or choose to upload from Dropbox if that's where you keep your tracks.
SELECT A SNIPPETSelect the best 60 secondsNext, select the best 60 seconds of your track to showcase to other users on the platform. This will be the snippet that other users will hear when they first discover your music, so make sure to choose a section that really showcases your style and talent. The full track will still be accessible to labels and other professionals, so don't worry about leaving out any key parts.
ADD DETAILSFill in all the information and description about your trackAfter selecting the snippet of your track, you'll need to fill in some additional information about it. This includes the track title, genre, and any other relevant
PRIVATE OR PUBLICShare your track with everyone or just with the labels and professionalsChoose whether you want to share your track with everyone on the platform or just with labels and other industry professionals. This will depend on your goals and what you're looking to achieve with your music.
SAFETY FIRSTAfter uploading you will receive a statement of ownershipOnce you've uploaded your track, you'll receive a statement of ownership that confirms that you are the owner of the track and have the right to distribute it. This is an important step to protect your rights and ensure that you receive proper credit for your work.


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