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We are looking for an experienced and flexible REACT FRONT-END DEVELOPER

By October 7, 2020October 9th, 2020No Comments

While working in the entertainment industry, we noticed a big problem. A lot of unreleased music remains unheard and music labels are inundated with demos. There is no way to check and listen to the huge amount of demos created by unknown, young and new music talents!

This issue causes frustration on both the sender and recipient side of the demos.

There is a need for a “central point” where talents can expose themselves to known and unknown artists, larger and smaller labels.

VIRPP offers the artist or producer the opportunity to overcome the monopolistic market, the record industry. It gives the producer a certain power in the market and control over his own music. Producers and artists can easily and securely upload their unreleased music.

Listeners can access this music library, they can like or dislike a song by swiping their screen. As likes increase on a track, it rises in the charts. A producer knows who and where his music is loved. With this information, he can devise strategies and find the right audience and potential partners.

We have created a dashboard for labels to easily filter tracks/demos by genre and “likes” from VIRPP members and listeners. The dashboard helps labels to define market potential through scalable data on the popular tracks, before they are released. The dashboard is a simplified search system which guarantees to connect labels to the right producer/candidate.

A simplified search system makes it easy to locate popular records rated by the public.

Check out the platform on virpp.com
More information about virpp on: virpp.com/hello

We are looking for an experienced and flexible REACT FRONT-END DEVELOPER


About VIRPP:
At VIRPP, we work every day to create the best experience for our users. We breathe music and technology. We have a great team with all skills in-house from design and development to marketing. We work with international music labels and major artists. The platform has a lot of (international) potential and is growing enormously.

“There are a lot of people, who are making and producing music, and yes, there is an incredible amount of talent out there, just waiting to be discovered. VIRPP helps us to listen to the really interesting demos and to interact with new producers. Ultimately, we want to give talented people a chance. We can’t wait for what kind of music will come to us through VIRRP” – Protocol Recordings (Label of Nicky Romero)

“We want to give new artists a platform for demo drops. Next to that we want them to meet likeminded people. We also find it important to share our knowledge and are going to be very active on VIRPP. Another ambition is to get professionals in our network, from artists to producers, radio people, marketeers and other content makers onboard. The biggest thing that Trifecta is going to do on VIRRP is releasing tracks we find on VIRRP every other month. There is no better way to support new talent.” – Trifecta (Label of Ali B)

Tech stack:
ReactJS, React Native, Laravel, MySQL, Pusher, Algolia, Stripe en Amazon S3


The Job:
VIRPP has been developed with the Laravel framework. The application is scalable with the help of a PHP back-end and React front-end.

As a front-end developer at VIRPP you can fully focus on the operation of the design and user flows. In addition to the functional quality of our platform, we also want it to look great. As a front-end developer you like to keep it simple. Every day you are busy optimizing the user experience and building in new functionalities.


What do we expect from you?
Your goal is a flawless and good application. You are someone who sees what others do not notice. You develop and implement the designs and user flows in such a way that the application not only works great but also looks fantastic.

You meet the following basis:

  • You are someone who enjoys solving problems,
  • You automatically move into the end user,
  • You have extensive experience with React, React Native, Javascript,
  • Your working method is Agile & Scrum,
  • You want to take charge of the front-end team
  • You are the missing link between the back-end and the end user;
  • You continuously think about how you can offer the functionality as easily as possible,
  • You are familiar with the Jira, GIT, Pusher, Angolia and other tools,
  • You are constantly looking for new trends and programming languages ​​in your field,
  • You are willing to learn. Both “on-the-job” and beyond,
  • You don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality


What can you expect from us?
Of course you work to live and you don’t live to work. That is why you can also expect the following terms of employment from us:

  • An excellent salary that matches your skillset
  • On the basis of a full-time job you get 25 vacation days and 5.5 ATV days,
  • A place where you feel at home and a position that does not feel like a job but a hobby.
  • A nice working atmosphere with experienced and motivated people

Would you like to further develop a platform that might find the new superstar? Do you find it important to be proud of what you have developed?

You can send your application to [email protected]