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The Australian musician, DJ, songwriter and producer Timmy Trumpet is one of the most prolific performers on the planet. His debut artist album Mad World reached 50 Million streams in a matter of weeks. His past collaborations include Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR and Afrojack. Last year he launched his own record label SINPHONY. Head of A&R at the new label; Steve Frank talks with VIRPP about breaking into the industry.

Can you tell us a little bit about your start in the music business?

“I started learning playing the guitar at age of eight, and met Timmy when I was fourteen. We became friends and over the following years shared the love of dance music. We started DJing, learning the craft and collaborating where we could.”

What was the hardest thing to do to get noticed?

“The hardest thing is and always will be being unique and finding out what makes you unique. Yes, it is the hardest of this journey but also the most rewarding. There’s nothing like experimenting with different sounds and genres to create music you and your audience have never heard before.”

How did you hear about VIRPP and what are your thoughts on the platform?

“VIRPP was recommended to us as a great way to streamline our demo drop process. It’s important for us to hear the right music for our label and instantly be able to contact the artist. It’s a powerful tool that we continue to use more and more.”

You used VIRPP, what are the best features for you?

“The strongest feature for us is filtering what is the closest fit for the direction of our label. We don’t want to miss a great track because we rush to hear everything. The genre filtering allows our team to invest the time we need in each demo to make critical decisions.”

How do you look at the constant stream of new talent?

“Searching and finding new talent is a rewarding process and allows us to collaborate and grow with each artist as they progress through the different stages of their career.”

What are you hoping to find at VIRPP and how are you going to that?

“We’re hoping to find some bright, exciting new talent to work with and help grow into long standing artists. We will be running a wide variety of remix competitions, demo drops and contests to help us in our search.

Who will listen to the remixes on VIRPP and will you’ll be giving the uploaders tips?

“The team here at SINPHONY like to allow artists to choose their own style. While we will offer direction as to what we are looking for, ultimately, it is up to the producer as to what they like and want to release.”

What should talent do to get noticed by Timmy Trumpet?

“The important thing is always be yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks. We are looking for new genres, sounds and artists to discover, and to inspire generations of artists to come. To be part of the evolution of dance music is both exciting and rewarding.”

Have you ever found a diamond in the rough through an unsolicited demo drop?

“Of course! One of the very first releases on SINPHONY was an idea sent to us via an unsolicited demo drop. Timmy also has an exciting new collaboration coming out on SINPHONY very soon that was discovered the same way. Demo drops are vital to dance music labels and are a truly enjoyable way to discover new talent. We look forward to signing many more in the future.”

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