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    Virpp is the platform where your music gets heard by a global audience and discovered by record labels and fellow artists.

    VIRPP is used by top labels and artists to find new music and talent to release. We created a dashboard for top labels to easily manage all the demos to make sure YOUR music gets heard!
    Check out our website to see all the labels that joined.

    – Keep all your rights!
    – Join exclusive demo drops
    – Get feedback from other artists
    – Gain insights into your audience
    – Educate yourself
    – Join exclusive remix contests

    You can upload your music on VIRPP on the general upload page. Your track will appear in the explore page and your track will be visible to all labels in their label Dashboards. Upload here: Upload now

    You can also choose to upload your music to a contest of a specific label. Your track will be visible on the contest page and only available for that label as long the contest runs. See the different contests: Join contests

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