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    You can upload your music on VIRPP on the general upload page. Your track will appear in the explore page and your track will be visible to all labels in their label Dashboards. Upload here:

    You can also choose to upload your music to a contest of a specific label. Your track will be visible on the contest page and only available for that label as long the contest runs. See the different contests:

    You can upload directly with .mp3 or .wav but VIRPP is also connected to dropbox to import from your account there. We are looking forward to receiving your music!

    Follow the steps below to upload a track on

    1. Go to
    2. Login to your account or create a new account.
    3. Click on the “Upload” button on the right side in the navigation bar or go to
    4. Read and agree on the terms and conditions.
    5. Click on the pink cloud to select a file or click “Connect Dropbox” to select a file from Dropbox.
    6.  Select the best 60 seconds of your track by sliding the selector left/right. (the full track will only be available for labels).
    7. Add the title of the track (don’t include your artistname), select a genre, add BPM, write a description and select visibility (tip: select “public” to gain more traction on your track.
    8. Click on “Finish” and confirm your upload.
    9. Go My tracks page to edit or delete your track.
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