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Virpp is the platform where your music gets heard by a global audience and discovered by record labels and fellow artists.

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Must-Have Tools for Upcoming Artists

Every music-creator is unique. You’re no exception. If you want to find the right label for your unique sound, use the VIRPP platform to connect with fans, fellow artists, and top labels worldwide.

Get your demos online with a platform that keeps them safe and sound.

Use the VIRPP music editor to highlight the most important part of your song and share it with a global audience.

  • Never lose your rights
  • Get going quickly and easily today
  • Upload your files and keep them safe online

Let the labels find YOU!

Don’t let your killer talent go to waste. Get the exposure you deserve and let hot labels explore your unreleased tracks.

  • Chat with label representatives 1:1
  • Keep FULL control of YOUR creations
  • Find the best deal, with the best label, for YOUR unique sound

Connect with the people who LOVE your music!

Don’t try to sell ice to an Eskimo. Learn exactly who your audience is, down to their age, country, demographic, and more, so you can keep making music they love.

  • Export key user data
  • Unlock critical audience insights
  • Take part in exciting remix and vocal contests

Join hot contests hosted by labels and artists!

Imagine winning a free studio session? Recording gear? Tickets to see your fellow favorite artists? Premium plugins? Use VIRPP to discover contests and raffles and stand the chance to WIN!

  • Take part in raffles in just a few clicks
  • Winners are automatically selected, meaning no favoritism
  • Explore diverse contests and raffles and enter as much as you want

Let other artists have their say on your sound!

What are you doing right? Where can you improve? VIRPP connects artists in a supportive environment, where you can have your say on others’ music and let them do the same.

  • Discover room for improvement
  • Share feedback on other artists’ music
  • Get constructive criticism on your sound
  • Meet audience demand by improving your beats


Simple Search System

VIRPP is idiot-proof, making it easier for labels to find and explore your beats. If they like what they hear, they’ll be in touch through the system.

Win FREE Stuff

VIRPP makes it easy to enter contests and raffles in a heartbeat, and you’ll stand a chance to WIN free gear, studio sessions, and more.

Meet your fans

Build your following and get to know the people that love your sound. Showcase your authentic side and show how much you care about your devoted followers!

Hang on, we’re just getting started…

Unique Fingerprint Statements

Every time you upload a track to VIRPP, we’ll provide an official “Statement of Ownership” to protect your work.

Did We Mention It’s FREE?

Uploading demos on VIRPP won’t cost you a cent - unless you want to upgrade to our PREMIUM membership and access even MORE great features.

Eye-Opening Stats

What do your fans love? What about labels - who’s most likely to sign you up? VIRPP has the answers you seek.


Join raffles and contests from all around the world, for free, and stand a chance to win complimentary studio sessions, free recording gear, plugins, and beyond.

Remix Contests

Discover exciting remix competitions hosted by labels worldwide. Download original parts of popular songs and remix them YOUR way. Show the world what you’ve got!


Expand your horizons and get the exposure you deserve by connecting with fellow artists, fans, and record labels from all around the globe.

Earn “Vcoins”

The VIRPP platform has its own “currency” online, which you can earn by rating other artists and sharing constructive feedback. Redeem your coins on raffles and remix contests anytime.

Get Great Feedback

Connect with others in the VIRPP universe and hear what they have to say about your beats. Do the same and help them soar too!

Around-The-Clock Support

We’re here for you, anytime day or night. Contact us with your queries, AM or PM, and we’ll revert as soon as we can.

There are 50K+ VIRPP users waiting to discover your music!

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By far the best platform for the music industry. Because of VIRPP I have insights in my audience and are in contact with multiple labels.


Great platform! My track "Wasted" got signed by a label and I connected with a lot of other producers on VIRPP.

Joan MusicArtist

Get your demos heard

Get your demos heard

Get your demos heard

Get your demos heard

Get your demos heard

by the right people

by the right people

by the right people

by the right people

by the right people