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Predict the next best thing!

Labels can use our custom dashboard to discover, listen to, and connect with new and upcoming artists and producers. Thanks to our AI and user-rating systems, we can curate hundreds of demos and unreleased music that fit your record label’s unique target market.

Some Useful VIRPP Dashboard Tools

VIRPP provides your label with a simple and professional gateway to unreleased productions. Based on audience ratings, you can pick your next label release quickly and easily. We regularly add new tools and features too.

Get Paid With Our Affiliate Program.

Not only is our platform free, but you can earn money by using it too. With our affiliate program, your label gets paid for each pro VIRPP user. Thanks to this, your label can:

  • Earn money for each pro user.
  • Save on platform costs.
  • Gain valuable insights and data for free.

Create Contests to Discover Talented Artists

Let new and undiscovered artists find you! Host a contest to attract new and upcoming artists and give them the chance to prove their talent. With VIRPP, you can:

  • Create remix contests.
  • Create vocals contests.
  • Gain audience insights.
  • Export users’ data.

Host Raffles and Collect Valuable Data.

Encourage user- and artist-engagement by hosting exciting raffles where they can win studio sessions, gear, tickets, and premium plug-ins. Grow your label’s following and gain valuable insights into your audience.

  • Create raffles.
  • Auto-pick a winner.
  • Gain audience insights.
  • Export all user data.

Find Demos and Unreleased Music.

Let VIRPP save your label time, effort, and money by finding high-quality demos and unreleased music. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to:

  • Check copyright on demos.
  • Find popular or upcoming music.
  • Listen to full tracks.
  • Pull demos and offer label deals.
  • Filter results based on genre, likes, and BPM.

Convert Your Social Media Audience to Identified Users.

VIRPP helps you turn your Social media followers into identified users. Set up your profile, connect your social media accounts, and present yourself.

  • Grow your label’s following and audience.
  • Strengthen your online authority and presence.
  • Gain valuable user and audience insights.
  • View real-time statistics.

All Your Demos and Data in One Place.

Discover new talents

Labels can easily discover and listen to popular records and artists thanks to our simplified search system.

Create raffles & contests

Grow your audience and discover new talent by creating exciting giveaways, contests, and raffles.

Harvest audience data

Get to know your audience better. Gain valuable user insights and export data when fans or artists take part in your contests.

VIRPP is loved by users worldwide.

By far the best platform for the music industry. Because of VIRPP I have insights in my audience and are in contact with multiple labels.


Great platform! My track "Wasted" got signed by a label and I have met a lot of other producers on VIRPP.

Joan MusicProducer

This is so cool! I use the VIRPP app almost every day. I am always looking for new tracks and with VIRPP I decide which track get released.

Jeffrey DubsListener

This is definitely a solution for one of the biggest problems in the music industry. With the label dashboard I can search for most popular unreleased tracks and gain data from all the listeners.

John ChristianLabel/CEO White Villa International

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIRPP?

VIRPP is the viral promotional platform your record label has been looking for. We provide artists with a global audience and the opportunity to be discovered by listeners, fellow artists and record labels like yours.

Labels can use our custom dashboard to discover, listen to, and connect with new and upcoming artists and producers. Thanks to our AI and user-rating systems, we can curate hundreds of demos and unreleased music that fit your record label’s unique target market. As a record label, you can simply match the right candidates to your audience based on each artist’s genre and popularity.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account for free by visiting our Sign-Up page and following the on-screen prompts. The sooner you create an account, the sooner you can start discovering the next best hits and artists.

How can I sign demos to my label?

You can easily sign demos to your label by using our simplified search system. This system allows you to discover demo submissions from various new or upcoming artists whose music fits your unique market. You can view these artists’ profiles, listen to their demos, and get in touch with them directly through our custom dashboard.

Is VIRPP for free?

Yes, our VIRPP dashboard is free to use.

Is VIRPP available for Mobile?

Yes, VIRPP is available on mobile! You can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Awesome VIRPP Benefits.

Custom dashboard

Use your custom label dashboard to quickly and easily manage all your demo and data activities.

Free to use

The VIRPP dashboard is completely free for labels. It’s the simplest and most affordable way to discover new talent.

Copyright Checks

Save yourself time and effort by letting VIRPP check all unreleased tracks and demos for copyright to avoid infringement.

Filter Search Results

Filter your demo and music search results based on genre, BPM, Likes, Plays and much more.

Export Data

Gain valuable audience- and user-insights by exporting data from contests, raffles, and more.

Connect with Users

Communicate with your audience. You can use VIRPP to chat to artists, send contracts, and close record deals.

Earn Money

Earn money with our affiliate program and get paid for each pro user.

Reward Top Fans

Show some appreciation for your top fans by adding them to your team and following their activities.

24/7 Support

We are here for you all day, every day. Contact us if you have any queries, compliments, or complaints.
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